Wednesday, August 18, 2010


What does 4 plus 1 equal?? You guessed it - FIVE! I am still in a little bit of shock that at the end of February, first of March the Baier family will become a family of 5. Abbi will be 10 and Ella will be 7 when this little bundle of joy will be born. What was I thinking!!!! I really don't think that I was and that might be the problem, but God has blessed us again with the expecting of a new addition to our family. Bryan is very excited, which was kind of a shock to me but I am so glad that he is as excited as he is. I am excited as well but I keep telling myself it has been 6 years and OH MY things have changed. What if I have forgotten everything? Am I going to remember how to take care of a baby?? Of course I think I know all of the answers to those questions but still a little nervous at just starting over. I have wonderful family and amazing friends though that I know will help every step of the way!!! My girls are excited or at least they are slowly getting there. Abbi just said "OK!" when we told them and Ella, well Ella pretended she fainted. No drama there!! I just ask for your prayers as we emark on this new journey in our lives. My girls especially. Their world will be completely turned upside down. Ella has been the baby for 6 years now and I know will have a difficult time. But they will both be such big helpers. Thanks again for the prayers and we are very excited to begin this new journey and are waiting on what God has planned for us next!