Monday, July 20, 2009

We're Back......

Well, we made it back from Florida safely. Sorry that I cannot post pictures at this time. Bryan will be at school Monday and Tuesday so I won't have access to our computer until then. We had a great time. The girls especially did. I will hopefully be able to post pictures before the end of the week. Until then....................

Monday, July 6, 2009

Empty Promises & Mini Update

I seem to be promising to make posts on this thing and somehow am never able to do so .........

So - NO MORE PROMISES - you'll get what you get when you get it!!! That's all I can say!!!


We have been very busy since school ended. It is so hard to believe that in August/September, Abbi will be in the 3rd grade and Ella will be in Kindergarten. I am really getting old.

So far they have had a wonderful summer. We spent the first part finishing up softball. Abbi had a good season. She didn't learn and advance as much as she wanted but I think she had fun playing. She would have gotten picked for All Stars this year , but we had to decline. The state tournament fell on the weekend that we are leaving for our vacation. She was a little disappointment but not for long. I think Dad was wishing she could play a little more that she was.

The girls just got back this week from their Papa and Nana's house in Missouri. They had a great time! Bryan's parents are great!! They always make their week there so enjoyable. I don't think they ever stopped going. They spent most of the week in Branson, MO. They stayed in a condo, went to Silver Dollar City, watched Peter Pan-Live, watched a movie and did some shopping. The girls had a great time. They always enjoy the weeks they get to spend with their Papa and Nana.

We leave for Florida this Friday. The girls are so very excited. This will be their first beach vacation. It will be my first REAL beach vacation too! We will leave on Friday after work and get there sometime on Satruday. Bryan will fly in on Wednesday of the next week and spend the rest of the vacation with us. He wasn't going to get to come at all at first, so we are so happy that he gets to come for a few days.

Well, this is about all I can say about the going ons at the Baier house so far this summer. I will hopefully get to post pictures when we get back from vacation. Remember though, I am making NO PROMISES.